IP Networks

We design, implement and provide complex support for IP networks, adjusted to specificity of particular business services and needs: voice services, audio/video streams (IP telephony, videoconferencing, live broadcasring), contents distribution networks (CDN), keeping continuity of business (high accessability clusters, spare processing centres, remote backup), consolidation of services and applications, access networks for service providers, campus networks with mixed transport, Ethernet/Wi-Fi, IP VPN expanded networks and those with mixed transport.

  • We help differentiate solutions for particular purposes

  • We provide technical designs and fully adjusted solutions

  • We recommend well-known configurations and solutions

  • We integrate network platforms by top manufacturers

  • We adjust network topology to the changes within services/applications

  • We implement complex solutions to network management

  • We help work out and perform changes in timetables for addressing networks

  • We monitor, diagnose and eliminate problems within 24/7/365

  • We provide service and support for platforms by top manufacturers

IP Telephony and stream media

We design and implement solutions for reliable and productive high quality sound and image transfer, both among many localizations and in a multicast mode.

  • We implement solutions for IP telephony by top manufacturers

  • We perform centralization of communication systems

  • We reduce costs of calling mobile and fixed phones

  • We significantly reduce costs of business trips

  • We build stable environments for telecentres

  • We provide reliable infrastructure for live broadcasts

Network distribution

We design and probide solutions as well as services for making digital contents available for clients in a reliable and effective way.

  • We provide services for performig any substantial business campaign

  • We guarantee fulfillment of all SLA parameters for contents

  • We design and impement network systems for contents distribution systems

  • We validate and customize existing architectures and CDN configurations

  • We provide cache platforms, customized for various contents types

  • We have experience in providing boundary services on external markets

  • We customize configuration and managing BGP nodes [a la Border6]

Keeping continuity of business

We design and build networks for services and business applications of crucial importance for continuity of the business of an organization.

  • We design WAN networks, resistant to damages of single physical links

  • We build networks with low delays for the purpose of synchonic replication

  • We provide reliable connectivity thanks to multitrack data replication

  • We reduce costs of providing continuity for the business e.g. By means of tunneling ‚Ä®many protocols within one link (IP, FC, Ethernet)

  • We increase capacity of existing WAN link for the purpose of backup

Consolidation of services and applications

We provide solutions increasing availability of networks and services supporting strongly consolidated application environments.

  • We prevent breakdown of all environments due to simple network breakdowns

  • We build fabric networks with connections availability giuaranteed

  • We provide usability up to 100% ports availability

  • We increase productivity of applications by simplifying network topology

  • We dynamically adjust routing to the topology of virtual environments

Availability and campus networks

IWe integrate and make available IP networks making use of a wide scope of transport technologies

  • We design and implement broadband networks

  • We build city networks in Carrier-Grade Ethernet technology

  • We reduce costs of POP nodes and CPE devices with the use of SDN technologies

  • We integrate IP networks with different transport layers (FR, ATM, Ethernet, LTE)

  • We build uniform networks with wire/wireless access

  • We implement industrial networks, resistant to damages and strong interference

  • We design wireless networks, working for a large number of users