IT Consulting

We support our clients in identifying and solving IT problems affecting business performance and financial results.

  • Designing and implementing computer infrastructure

  • Improving key effectiveness and business processes

  • Consolidation and centralization of computer systems

  • Keeping business continuity and availability of IT systems

  • Managing access to systems and data protection

Designing and implementing computer infrastructure

  • We share our knowledge, assisting our clients in making conscious technological decisions

  • We protect long-term businesses of our clients, supporting them in choosing best architectures

  • We do our best to make models for purchase and maintanance model to be the best for our clients

  • We protect our clients from unexpected situations included in license models

  • We select technologies with flexilibity and business dynamics in mind

  • We suggest best solutions, from the point of view of business goals

  • We help our clients avoid being dependent on one infrastructure provider

Improving effectiveness of key business processes

  • We help our clients automatize processes effortlessly

  • We make it possible to connect many small optimalization operations into one uniform effect

  • We customize operational processes eliminating decision making from them

  • We make life easier for processes participants: one process = one application

  • We eliminate manual data introduction from processes

  • We minimalize processes involving manual data introduction

Consolidation and centalization of computer systems

  • We help organizations minimalize the number of applications and systems

  • We simplify managing and decrease the costs of maintaining systems

  • We essentially improve the effectiveness of multi-layer applications

  • We provide dynamic scaling effectiveness of environments

  • We simplify and fasten software updating and distribution

  • We automatize destribution of server resources among users

Keeping continuity of businesses and IT sysyems availability

  • We significantly reduce costs of buillding and maintaining spare data centre

  • We provide high accessability of every application

  • We significantly shorten recovery time

  • We provide easy migration of environments (and licenses) between time zones

  • We protect the effects of desktop applications agains computer damaging

Managing systems accessability and information protection

  • We simplify and protect processes of distributing accesss to resources for employees

  • We help limit authorizations at the level of software and information itself

  • We provide central password managing and single logging in the systems

  • We provide business resources for clients in an easy and safe way

  • We create effective, complex systems of users authorization

  • We design and implement solutions supporting classifying confidentiality of information