IT Outsourcing

We provide professional services related to IT infrastructure, being in charge of all IT precesses such as: backup and data archiving, keeping continuity of business, administering environments and supporting users.

  • We plan and arrange our activities, saving our clients unexpected situations

  • We apply well-known pracrices, in accordance with ISO norms

  • We act systematically and record all measures taken

  • We train and certify our staff regularly

  • We have experience in managing processes and designing

  • We work with clients with different needs r

  • Our cooperation is based on frame agreements and business SLA agreements

Backup and data archiving

We systematically manage data and its protecton processes, taking care of customizing costs involved

  • We reduce investment expenses and maintaining backup environments

  • We simplify managing by consolidating backup environments

  • We introduce systematic management of copies and carriers

  • We protect the interests of companies by testing every copy prepared

  • We protect data by managing encryption keys systematically

  • We decrease the risk by customizing backup systems confirugation

Keeping continuity of business

We systematize all actions within IT which may affect continuity of business and ability of the company to survive unpredictable events of a destructive character.

  • We create and test risk analyses and awarjne plans for IT areas

  • We perform regular recovery tests for all environments

  • We monitor systems and application in search of symptoms of problems

  • We eliminate problems before they turn into stoppages of applications

  • We keep updated documentation of IT systems and processes

  • We gather operational knowledge and prevent problems from occuring again

Environments administation

We provide maintanence of systems and environments in good condition and full transparence of our actions, including keeping documentation.

  • We monitor environments and application in 24/7/365 mode

  • We currently perform administrative and customizing works

  • We protect systems configuration and record all changes introduced

  • We support our clients while recovering systems

  • We report the condition of our environment regularly

  • We suggest potential goals of customizing projects

Software updating

We systematize processes related to updating system and application software, preventing problems, costs and dangers.

  • We analyze the rightness of introducing updates for every system and application

  • We test potential updates in term os their functionality and compatibility wit environments

  • We prepare lists of all approved updates and appropriate updating calendars

  • We create subcontracting documents for all updated for supporting purposes

  • We analyze reports for technical suport in terms of relations with updates

Supporting users

We improve support processes for users of computer systems, keeping assumed indicators of productivity.

  • We accept and verify all requests for technical support

  • We set priorities and manage the distribution of tasks related to eliminating problems

  • We manage the process of transfering problems to consecutive support lines

  • We follow reporting statuses and supervise fulfilling SLA obligations

  • We report performed taks and all calculations involved