IT Safety

We support protecting infrastructure, business applications and confidential data. We design and implement various solutions within IT safety. We implement good practices in systems management, software development as well as using applications and data. We are experienced in the following areas:

  • network and applications protection

  • data encryption

  • access control

  • audit and retention

  • data protection

Network protection

Our actions prevent risks for data, systems and users, protecting infrastructure and key network services from being attacked.

  • We implement integrated systems of network protection against automatized attacks

  • We build solutions which guarantee top safety of on-line transactions

  • We prevent remote controlling systems of highest Importance

  • We create technical and procedure protection against overloading attacks (DoS)

  • We effectively prevent blackmailing and wymuszenia related to data

  • We provide remote access to systems without remote access to networks

  • We automatize searching for gaps and vulnerability in software

Data encryption

We fully protect data from being copied, stolen, or unauthorized use.

  • We design and implement solutions which protect sensitive and personal data

  • We protect data while being processed, w spoczynku as well as on archive carriers

  • We provide technical and procedure safety related to keys

  • We provide effective protection of correspondence and documents confidentiality

  • We protect communication between parties against passing-off and listening-in

Access control

We minimalize the risk of accessing information by unautorized parties.

  • We implement complex systems for authorizing users

  • We depend the scope of authorization on time, place and other variables of logging-in

  • We introduce sensible system and top safety of passwords managing

  • We integrate control of accessing rooms with controling accessability of systems

  • We minimalize the risk of passing-off by closing sessions automatically

Audit and retention

We guarantee integrity of data and niezaprzeczalność of the fact of accesing or amending it

  • We prevent information change and accessing it

  • We prevent permanent data and documents deletion by users

  • We make it possible to browse the history of change of any record, or any document

  • We completely separate roles of administrator and system administrator

  • We implement solutions to record sessions of all, or selected users

Data protection

We protect confidentiality of important, or sensitive information, regardless of its format or access method in use.

  • We set improvements for data regardless of application authorization

  • We provide possibilities of accesing confidential information with ‘countersigned’ of an authorized person

  • We support information protection by providing users with proper tools of classification

  • We prevent leaks of confidential information by electronic means(network, carriers)

  • We make it possible to hide automatically record fields, or their anonymity