Optical networks

We design and build passive optical networks for telecommunication, industry, local governments and developers. Our clients are top firms and institutiins working in the whole country. Our experienced has been confirmed by numerous references.

  • We build access and magistral fibreglass networks

  • We create networks based on Ethernet and FTTx technologies

  • We help establsh functional and technical requirements for networks

  • We reduce investment, wiring and maintaining costs

  • We prepare technical designs and sub-contracting documents

  • We integrate new parts with already existing networks

  • We manage projects acting as a spare investor

  • We supervise the quality of ground and insallation works

  • We provide high quality of performance and acceptance

  • We offer full servicing: development and repairing works

Network designing

We cooperate with best designers of optical networks who have years of experience in working with clients with different expectations, e.g. As to flexibility of networks, technical opportunities, scope of works.

  • We design networks for auditory needs, data transmission, video monitoring, triple play...

  • We act as a main contractor, or a sub-contractor

  • We protect interests of investors and take care of long-term flexibility of our projects

  • We make it possible to use fibreglass systems by various manufacturers

  • We make use of solutions to keep quality at a performance stage

  • We design networks with low costs and maintaning active layer in mind

Preparing projects

We provide legal safety and minimalize designing risk, taking responsibility for complex performance of investments.

  • We prepare documents necessary for starting up investment process

  • We receive construction permissions and other formal permissions

  • We represent investors in current teritory settlements

  • We organize investmen projects in all aspects: planning, operational and supervisory.

  • We verify qualifications of our staff and subcontractors.

Installation works

We supervise conformity of works with designs and the quality of works performed. Our work is organized in a way that any delay risks are diminished; at the same time we do not cross the risk and quality limits.

  • We care for the quality and effectiveness of all installation works, already at the designing stage

  • We exclusively cooperate with credible performers of all ground and installation works

  • We respect time, applying perforation where possible

  • We are able to blow in and weld parts of even hundreds of meters every day

  • We protect deadlines and quality with the use of well-known equipment and technologies

Acceptance and starting-up

We represent investors in technical acceptance and protect their interests in the event that any faults of network emerge while starting-up, or under guarantee.

  • We constantly examine attenuation of particular parts with the use of reflectometers

  • Subcontracting documents are provided following according acceptance

  • We protect and execute formal and financial responsibility of investors

  • We closely cooperate with active layer performers while testing and launching the services

Service and supprt

  • We give guarantee on as well as post-guarantee technical support as to performing installation works

  • We provide regular technical examination in the whole country