We help organization use various visualization technologies to achieve particular benefits in IT and, as a result, to improve their business effectiveness. We have experience in the following areas:

  • Consolidation of server environments

  • Increasing the number of environments

  • Centralization of desktop environments

  • Virtualization of mass memory

  • Increasing productivity od applications

Consolidation of server environments

We significantly simpify management, reducing costs of maintaining server environments at the same time.

  • We limit the number of environments, licenses and related support agreements

  • We help use them in a better way, and reduce costs of server hardware

  • We make it possible to keep the same level of functionality and productivity at lowers costs

  • We simpify managing thanks to standarization and unification of enviroments

  • We provide conditions for consolidating mass memory

Increasing availability of environments

We create conditions for providing high availability of every application.

  • We provide high availability of every application, even if it does not work in cluster configuration

  • We dynamically increase resources available for applications, or increase the number of their nodes

  • We perform logical copies of all environments at any time

  • We make it possible to load all environments within less than 5 minutes

  • We provide local or remote loading, at any device

  • We reduce costs of spare centre thanks to the possibility of reloading on ”weaker” devices

Centralization of desktop environments

We centralize and unificate desktop environments, increase their usefulness, safety and reliability.

  • We make desktop environments available to users at any time, on any device

  • We simpify managing configuration of the system, applications and protection

  • We reduce costs and time necessary for updating and distribution of software

  • We reduce time and costs of diagnosing and troubleshooting by our support team

  • We simplify managing access to limited number of licenses of specialized applications

  • We prevent data losses and productivity reduction as a result of a computer breakdown

  • We prolong the viability of computers/terminals up to 6 and more years.

Virtualization of mass memory

We virtualize environments of mass memory, simplifying managing and reducing the operational risk related to data migration.

  • We manage data of a number of disc systems with the use of one matrix

  • We avoid rush, that is, additional costs and potential errors during data migration

  • We simplify preserving the logical structure of data while ordering it

  • We avoid reconfiguration of application in relation to data migration among matrixes

  • We improve managing available resources and reduce costs of data management

Improving productivity of applications

We make it possible to increase productivity of applications thanks to closing to one another layers operating on separate physical servers.

  • We increase productivity of complex applications thanks to communication within one server

  • We also eliminate delays by customizing network topology (SDN)

  • We increase productivity thanks tu virual mass memory (e.g. VNX)

  • Thanks to availability of a great deal of RAM memory we keep high productivity of applications while being used by a large number of users